A dash of color lets you breathe, while a rainbow accentuates your senses to a high never felt before. Why do colors bring to life your downcast world? Because the collage they form, stirs your sleeping soul.

Life is an assortment of colors. It happens that we’re presented with all types of hues and shades. Whichever color we choose to look at, determines how our worldview is colored. I even think that the colors we pick represent our propensity to do a particular thing at a particular time.

Often we yield to situations in deciding on how we’d like to act thereupon. We may pick a color forced by necessity, rather than our free will. That is indicative of putting consideration of circumstances above our potential for progress. One must constantly fight against this urge to cave in to conditions which attempt to contain them.

Belief in oneself should come first when one wants to succeed over obstacles. Letting one’s thinking be conditioned by circumstances is accepting defeat. Defeatist attitude ought to be shunned in order to remain content at what one has, and is yet to achieve. Being content doesn’t imply slacking off, but the true appreciation of the small steps we take toward our respective destinies.

The final destination may vary for each of us, just as much as our personal choices do. We’re all colors in an assorted pack, after all. Nevertheless, every one of us can follow some common values to get to the places we want. We could all learn to be brave, optimistic and kind as we meet new people and problems on the road of life.

We could always try to think with an open mind and allow new experiences to greet us not merely as passersby, but as acquaintances. We don’t just move toward our goals with a prepared heart. We also become flexible in our approach. I believe that in the end we become rich in experiences, which turn into wealth that we spend to gain more experiences.

All I know is I must treat my life as an open house, where multiple hues clash and create a kaleidoscope of different shades. This would give rise to new perspectives and approaches I could put to use in my journey. When everything feels hollow and life seems hopeless, this kaleidoscope will paint a new lease of life on my dull heart.

Treating my body as a house in concordance with the home that life I lead is, I must keep its doors and windows open for color to flood my soul from all corners…..


Hallowed in your shade, I travel distances not looking over my shoulder. The cobwebs of the past clear away at the sniff of your scent; I grow stronger as I lean against you. You are my shelter, my true refuge – perch of nature.

There is so much calm around us. We need only seek its source to experience the peace that comes with it. This sense of calm comes from love, which pervades the entire world. Love is that which unites people, cutting across all kinds of differences. Love is the force that brings together the world, in times of crisis. Love is the panache for all problems, because a loving attitude presents itself with solutions to us. It is key to empowerment.

The calm we witness in the silence of busyness, thrives on love. All of this magnificent phenomenon causes one to discover peace within their own self. It cultivates mindfulness in us, which slows down time. As we grow in this calming force of love, we becomes mindful of the habits we indulge in, the choices we make, and the behaviors we adopt. Mindfulness takes over our lives. This leads to peace. Our lives become still and we turn wiser than before.

My mind forest is full of surprises. It moves and covers me in invisible paths. It unlocks the deep recesses of my mind. The contradictions I face in my day – to – day life vanish in the wafts of pine scent. The canopies on these tall trees keep my insecurities at bay, and the trunks glowing in the sun annihilate my doubt. Nature has the healing touch each one of us craves when in trouble.

The wooded scenery etched in my heart, is home to boisterous life. It is animated with light, and twinkles with merriness. At the same time, the dense fog which shrouds everything occasionally, adds mystery to the spirit of life. I ought to carve my life journey in the image of the mind forest. I should welcome the ups and downs, the highs and lows, and the peaks and valleys in life, in good cheer with an open heart. We mustn’t waver in faith in the midst of problems. That would help us to win in the long term, even if we face minor setbacks.

Small setbacks are but lessons. This is a lesson I should apply wherever possible. I should be consistent with a positive attitude, in order to truly taste success. Success lies in how much we learn, not how many times we escape failure. Failing means to succeed in life. It is so, since this is how our lives turn for the better, towards a different path than the one we envisaged. Failure broadens our horizons, while success gives us the courage to traverse those very horizons.


Going back and forth, over and over again, acts as the norm of never giving up. Being as mercurial waters, one ought to never look back, although there may be setbacks. These rolling motions are the wheels of a happy ride.

Humans are peaceful waves. They roll back and forth with a firmness of mind, which stands undeterred in the face of gigantic rocks cropping up on the shore of life. The rolling nature of ours allows us to be flexible and act as quicksilver.

Humans don’t require more than a flash of light to regain their lost confidence. A sliver of hope is enough to restore us to cheerfulness. Perhaps, this is the cause behind the moon and stars adorning the dark sky, in place of the enormous sun. It signifies that we only get what we need, not more and definitely, not less.

It’s funny when I think about the cosmic arrangement. The weaker light emanating from the moon and the stars fills us with so much joy, as if many suns were riding the road of sky. The little bulbs of night imbue me with great hope.

The ride of life is one of bliss. Its end and origin culminate in abundance. I have no proof of this whatsoever, only a belief that we are done a good turn by the universe at every intersection. But I can say with certainty that though the mount of life often hits bumps on its road, it never fails to lose its sheen.

Its sheen arises out of peace, which is the intrinsic value of the soul I house. I need to enshrine the soul with care and security. It guards me from superficial means of gratification, and leads me towards my destiny.

Humanity is what makes an individual worthy of respect. Having this quality comes easy to any human being. What one need only do is carefully nurture this intrinsic value. The way becomes clear to one pure of heart. One who helps others, helps themselves. Hence, we all must roll as tides of humaneness.

Moreover, problems but exist to be rooted out. For this, one requires a strong axe, which is made of sheer grit and perseverance. Those are the secret ingredients of success. Developing these attributes in us, we become eligible for a happy ride in life. Success isn’t a measurement, but an experience. And we should be welcoming toward all sorts of experience.


The distance is unclear; what lies ahead is unknown, but the destination is certain – right across the mass of fog.

The waters are calm and settled. A huge layer of fog has developed over the deep, obscuring my sight. I couldn’t see through the snowy foam, which looked as enchanting as a cloud high above in the deeper regions of the sky. However, my mind’s eye has its gaze fixed on the shore of my dreams. It is just over the other end of the sea.

People harbor deep longing for their destined coasts throughout the voyage. The fog engulfing their paths acts as a dampener on their hopes and convictions. But that is when one must summon all of their grit and patience to navigate tricky waters. This is the bend where one gets lost or sidetracked, so they need to remain alert in this maze which charms the most cynical of people.

I’ve realized that I ought to practice mindfulness in moments of uncertainty. When fog envelopes me, my sense of direction is broken under its weight. I need to maintain my calm. For the sake of my sanity, I should think positively and try to keep my good spirits alive. In that way, no fear shall be strong enough to consume me. All kinds of negativity shall flee, having weakened in front of my resolve.

One thing everyone should remember in life is that uncertainty is certain. If we look closely, we’ll see that we’re uncertain every second of every hour, and are struggling against time to find some certainty in our regimen. This is the norm of time. The coming of fog, though, is always timely. However, it is indiscernible. To us, everything may seem hazy but the whole affair is very comely in the grand scheme of destiny.

In my opinion, one isn’t required to judge what one doesn’t understand. One could simply be. Let the haze of uncertainty trickle out of our minds. Isn’t that how we learn to harmonize dichotomies, and synchronize ourselves with the universe? The universal energy rushes through the whole of creation. It is up to us to tap into the potential of energy within. To feel one with the universe.

How do you exploit the inner reserves of energy? Through self-exploration. By remaining calm and settled, despite the confusion which hovers over you. You can achieve anything you choose to believe. You need only have faith in yourself to put to practice all the plans you have in mind. All means of success begin with the willingness to spend your time and energy fruitfully.

Be peaceful in your endeavors, all doubt will subside.


The glow of light creates the reflection of a blanket on wounded bodies; heals them with the balm of its radiance. This is the wave of life, serenading you to sleep and recover from your previous battle, so that you can join in the next.

Why is it difficult for us to be contented in life? Why do we need to show great patience and practice in order to achieve contentedness? Why is contentment a far cry for many of us? Shouldn’t dissatisfaction with the limited means we have be harder to feel, seeing that it involves more pain? I guess the answer lies very much in the question.

The dissatisfaction we feel towards the little we’re decked with leads us on the quest for contentment. Contentment is infinite bliss. Our frustration with a straining lifestyle would eventually help us to discover that fountain of bounty called contentment, loads of which life has to offer.

Unhappiness limits us. We are constrained by sadness, whereas we are empowered by cheerfulness. Feeling contented means to be ever happy, regardless of the circumstances we’re stuck in. It means to be peaceful, even with baggage weighing on our backs. You’ll know it when you finally get there.

We don’t realize this at the outset, but as we tussle with the ups and downs along our respective journeys, we find that life is plentiful. It offers us more than we ask for. Why I think so is that in times of crises, I often notice I am gifted with so much comfort and solace. It appears to me as if my problems have disintegrated. Then I discover over and over the thought that all problems are no more than mental manifestations. I like to think that life gave me this little nugget of wisdom, to ease my troubles and set me on the path of peace.

I feel the moon shines over fickle waters as a beam of light and steadies them. Its spotlight builds a bridge of moonshine over the sea, and pulls us in towards worlds unknown. I am spurned on to hope and dream. This is the bounty of life. Life calms my disturbed soul by applying medicine over it. The bridge is contentment, which gushes forth clear water to soothe my uneasy heart.

One doesn’t know the value of life when things seem normal. Realization dawns when the haze of troubles hovers all around them, clouding their eyes. Then the light of life pierces this shroud of darkness, and gives them shade to rest. Contentment is that steady beam.


Through the storm, the ship realizes its build; the sturdiness it has is tested in rough waters, which act as sacrifice for better tidings after the storm has passed.

Suffering is a lesson. One suffers to learn. Suffering is important as it helps us to grow as individuals. It is inherent to personal progress. Additionally, it teaches us more about ourselves – how long we can hold out against adversity, how kind and generous we are, and how much prone to change we are, etc. Suffering is the language of self-knowledge.

How then can we gain the most by suffering? By being mindful in our suffering, grateful for all things in our possession, we could learn to appreciate the beauty in anguish. Anguish comes at great personal value, not cost. Its value is beyond estimation for one who only sees the bright side of everything.

Looking at the bright side of things does not imply skimming over difficulties which may appear along the way. It implies that we are ever focused on finding solutions to the problems we face. It basically means to stay firm and undeterred in crises. This is something we learn by suffering.

When we suffer and emerge victorious after a long and arduous struggle, we feel deserving of the prize we attain. I find the end very promising and feel satisfied with the milestones I’ve crossed. There is much more fulfillment in holding my own against opposing forces and getting through the storm alive.

Escaping the storm following tenuous strife is nothing short of a miracle for the survivor, and especially, for the ship. And once on the other side of day break, their suffering fructifies in the form of enlivened nature. They are welcomed into a new world with a cheerful embrace, after their tussle with the kiss of death.

Life is enlivened by a sprinkle of suffering. This may be a bitter pill to swallow, but experience speaks for itself.


There is riverine calm in a world otherwise filled with futile movement; it is imbued with noise that is meaningful, and brings us joy from within the cracks of the universe.

Can there be stillness in motion? Yes, isn’t that how we’ve discovered the concept of calmness? Being calm means to acquire control over our movements. It refers to easing our actions to an extent wherein we feel light and peaceful.

Now, the question arises if there is movement in stillness. I personally think so, because even staying still is an act. And if we are acting towards a goal, then we are moving towards it. Hence, there is motion. But it isn’t something we can see, but something we can sense.

In my opinion, motion and calmness go together. They work hand in hand. This is so because the universe happens as a result of movement, while the state of serenity is an all-pervading force, which emanates across each strand of the cosmos. I know all of this sounds quite far-fetched. But to me, it makes total sense, probably because this could very well be a dream I cooked up.

In every nook and cranny of the world we inhabit, we can search and find peace. Even the sound of oncoming traffic could help me feel safe and certain. I especially find its noise calming. It’s a most terrific occurrence, I’d say. Peace is the spirit that flows through all of us. What is required to be able to tap into it, is unlocking our potential for nurturing tranquility in our souls.

Just as waves float on the surface of water bodies, one should appear acting while they remain still all through. There are very many methods to achieve this. It has been imparted as wisdom since yore. However, it’s always as waves of sea, unattainable yet reachable.

It is up to us to cup those slippery waters in our palms and hold onto them. How long we can manage such a feat determines our perseverance to attain the distant shore of peace. But what if the anguish of the journey is the repository of all answers regarding the destination? Perhaps, even before we begin on a path, a deep gaze into ourselves is sufficient to lead us to our goal.


Joy buds when pain dissipates, which happens at the moment of reckoning. Our past, present and future collide at the beck of dusk; to give birth to a new sky filled with twinkling stars and glittering moon.

There is a constant urge in human beings to be the best. Being the best at something, getting the best of everything, and making sure that we remain so, has been a drive for many of us. In our search for the best of the best, we often forget about who we are as individuals right now. Why is that? Why can’t we just let it be? Why can’t we think that just maybe being as we are is what is truly best for us?

Probably, because we lack confidence in our present selves, and we’re tuned to focusing only on the flaws we have and feel disappointed in ourselves. Our definition of what is best requires a complete overhaul for our mental peace. It is so important to breathe freely, rather than gasping for air. And to be able to do that, we ought to slow down and introspect. Hence, that should be our first priority regarding anything that comes our way.

We know that acceptance is key to moving ahead with any game plan. But wait a minute and think this over – “What if acceptance is the ‘game plan’?” How then would we know to go about this issue? This issue is of grave importance to us, since that is how we learn to cultivate a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Additionally, we acquire happiness from small acts that we commit and become joyful in the present.

If we were to choose between being perfect and being happy, I’d pick the latter, since only when we’re truly happy can we attain real perfection. Being perfect is for our own benefit. But when the craving turns detrimental to our wellbeing, it’s time to rethink our approach to the ways we had picked up along the journey till here.

The answer lies in accepting our reality and growing as a person, rather than in possessions. It is about how one can create joy in their life. Redefining what we consider to be best and then acting on our new meanings, we should go forward without any doubt or unease. And then miracles begin to happen, we acquire the best means possible to create the outcomes we want, and attain happiness in every moment.


The distant moon hovers nearby now; it lies close to me. The day is perplexing, although it belongs to me.

As I gaze out at sea in the dark, I see steady points of light stuck on slowly moving silhouettes of ships. From the place I stand on the coast, those distantly moving ships appear to be an integral part of a panoramic scene. Those ships sail away as though they’re chasing a route to unknown worlds and bask in moonglow. Such a life is full of adventure and constantly thrilling. Who would decline an offer like that?

Setting sail into the night, having but the moon and stars for company, is an act of bravery. Moreover, it signifies deep faith. Faith that one day you would surely dock in a new land. That you wouldn’t lose your way home. That the same moon would guide you through dangers.

To take immediate action without thinking twice means choosing courage over fear. This signifies powerful belief on one’s part. A leap of faith is all that stands between fear and courage. And when you plunge into the valley beyond which you can see nothing, you make a choice in favor of audacity in your life. You are reborn and begin to live boldly.

Along with a new life, I find that I’ve sprouted wings, or that my metaphorical ship is equipped with sails which lift me into the air and help me soar away! Besides, what more could I ask for? Fantasies become reality, and reality takes flight as imagination.

I start imagining life and living through my dreams. Living my dreams, I become bolder and dare to venture out farther across the contours of reality. I chase goals that seem unimaginable, and make them come true.

I try to tell myself that being in the dark doesn’t mean the end of the world as I know it. Darkness is no more than the gulf which separates two peaks. It lies as a trench to surprise me through the highs and lows of the rainbow called ‘my life’.


Losing one’s way is a discovery of possibilities galore; a new path intertwining in one’s journey, which is inscribed by destiny. The choice is to either accept or fight. Either way, one ends up roped into its web.

Everybody likes to find purpose in their lives. In this quest, we chase after something or the other. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the chase, we lose sight of what actually matters. That way, we become lost in the woods.

By the time we realize we’re way off track, we’ll have trodden deep into the forest, with no way out. Isn’t that when we must summon courage to fight our way out of the rut we threw ourselves in? How do we find our way back, and make sure that we never lose track of our path, even if our destination seems unreachable at the moment?

The answer is so simple I couldn’t believe myself when it hit me. The secret is to live in the moment. Yes, living in the present without any thought for what is past and what is yet to come, we become equipped to enjoy life to the fullest.

When I fidget with what has been done, and worry constantly about what hasn’t crossed my path, I lose out on the present. I lose out on time. In so doing, I become a stressed out person who doesn’t know the value of life. Life is what is present with us now. Rest all is a figment of our imagination. That’s my personal opinion.

When there is nothing you can do about something, it’s better to refocus all of your energies on matters you could effect change on. And such matters always lie in the present. Present is past in the making. So letting the moment in front of us slip by is dangerous. We need to make sure that we don’t regret our actions in the now, in order to live with peace as we go further down the lane of life.

Present is future manifested, hence it’s our duty to respect the little time we have, and labor in it, to create beautiful outcomes. This gives us control over our future, and life becomes an easy ride. Isn’t it what we all want?

All it takes is a little courage to figure out how we’d like to go on in life. Being bold and brave, we forge ahead instead of losing faith in ourselves. Regardless of circumstances, our will power will take us where we’re destined.

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