Losing one’s way is a discovery of possibilities galore; a new path intertwining in one’s journey, which is inscribed by destiny. The choice is to either accept or fight. Either way, one ends up roped into its web.

Everybody likes to find purpose in their lives. In this quest, we chase after something or the other. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the chase, we lose sight of what actually matters. That way, we become lost in the woods.

By the time we realize we’re way off track, we’ll have trodden deep into the forest, with no way out. Isn’t that when we must summon courage to fight our way out of the rut we threw ourselves in? How do we find our way back, and make sure that we never lose track of our path, even if our destination seems unreachable at the moment?

The answer is so simple I couldn’t believe myself when it hit me. The secret is to live in the moment. Yes, living in the present without any thought for what is past and what is yet to come, we become equipped to enjoy life to the fullest.

When I fidget with what has been done, and worry constantly about what hasn’t crossed my path, I lose out on the present. I lose out on time. In so doing, I become a stressed out person who doesn’t know the value of life. Life is what is present with us now. Rest all is a figment of our imagination. That’s my personal opinion.

When there is nothing you can do about something, it’s better to refocus all of your energies on matters you could effect change on. And such matters always lie in the present. Present is past in the making. So letting the moment in front of us slip by is dangerous. We need to make sure that we don’t regret our actions in the now, in order to live with peace as we go further down the lane of life.

Present is future manifested, hence it’s our duty to respect the little time we have, and labor in it, to create beautiful outcomes. This gives us control over our future, and life becomes an easy ride. Isn’t it what we all want?

All it takes is a little courage to figure out how we’d like to go on in life. Being bold and brave, we forge ahead instead of losing faith in ourselves. Regardless of circumstances, our will power will take us where we’re destined.


You are the song which melts away all my worries, turning my mood cheerful. You are the blissful painting which eases the burdens lying over my shoulder; now, please make it easier for me to cherish you, my dearest joy!

When does a person rejoice the most? When is their joy limitless? How do they know if that is the best they could ever achieve? Is it only a hunch? Or, is there something behind that feeling?

Usually, what we’re accustomed to, seems insignificant while that which we’re unacquainted with, acquires a unique place in our minds. Our hearts bloom with happiness if something we consider pleasant occurs. What if we use this logic to reconfigure ourselves in such a manner that we begin to take even failure in our stride? It is very much possible to do so. All it needs is the will to act on the said objective.

Firstly, it requires that we don’t let ourselves be perturbed at the slightest probability of a setback. Secondly, we need to let go of stress and learn to accept that the grapes in life tend to be sweet as well as sour. Lastly, we ought to hope for the best even in the direst of circumstances.

Lot of the events in our lives are determined not by logic, but rather belief. Why, you may ask. The answer would be that the value of an occurrence depends upon how we take it and not something inherent to the situation. It is our perspective we must work on. We should adopt a refined approach to understanding our lives.

I have to constantly tell myself to refuel with hope in place of pessimism. This is to reinforce joy in my life, instead of allowing darkness to eat away the little cheer I could experience on gloomy days. Just as consistency is the norm to achieve success, I should be successful in my attempts to cultivate a positive attitude by being what I aspire for.

Hope is the light at the end of the tunnel. It is fruit we receive for our long and arduous journey through tough times. It is the delicacy of the moon, the shine of the sun and the faintness in stars. It is the froth that fills the air when waterfalls hit land. Dispersed invisibly, it sticks to our skin as a thin crust of vapor and spreads its magic of joy. Hope is the energy running through the cosmos. There is nothing I can’t achieve with hope.

However, without hope, I tread a pointless path. Light is snuffed out and life becomes weary. Magic is sucked out of you and the pond of wishful thinking runs dry. On the other hand, even a flash of optimism can restore our spirits in the worst of places, by a huge leap into the beyond.

It is only through belief we experience abundant joy. Our own faculties help us to process joy and fill others with happiness. I know for sure that it never gets boring and remains green forever. The innocence of which enlivens any onlooker, tempting them to share in it. Our own faculties help us to process our surroundings. Our lives don’t make us. We make our lives. We need to trust in happiness to laugh heartily. This is so since what we believe in, happens to us.


Beauty is the spark that ignites life. The pulse coursing through our veins is renewed when we come in touch with miraculous sensations; and beauty is one such experience.

How do we define beauty? Is it undefinable? Or are there ways of identifying that which is beautiful? Is it the appearance which counts or the nature of a subject? I think something is beautiful when it manages to bowl us over for no apparent reason.

When we experience a drastic shift in the rims of our existence, it could be said that we’ve come in touch with a beautiful sensation. Whatever causes such a remarkable sensation is an example of beauty. Beauty is a slippery concept. It flows away as water right through our fingers. And that happens only when we go through a beautiful experience.

I personally think that everybody is free to decide what they consider to be beautiful. Personal consideration has a dominant role to play in determining beauty. This doesn’t imply control over what can be thought of as beautiful, but a preference for what you or I might enjoy and delight in.

Each individual has their own unique experiences. From these special mirrors, germinates one’s personal identity. The lens of which shape one’s outlook. This outlook causes one’s preferences to play a deciding role in their day – to – day life.

Having our personal views gratified helps us feel more confident and sure of ourselves. This is especially true when we let ourselves be expressed through beauty. To regard our notions of beauty as important as the conventional norm, we learn to respect multiple strands in a fabric. That is, we become champions of diversity. Additionally, we begin to hold ourselves in greater esteem.

Along with that, we become receptive to newer ideas and various perspectives. This opens us up to fresh possibilities and creative solutions for life. We turn into children looking for wonder and chasing after hope. We experience beauty when we learn to believe in it. This, I speak from personal experience. Don’t they say, “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder?”


Stretching beyond the horizon, the sea remains steady in its position. Its ever changing shape is a concurrence of forces varied.

What is love? Love is a feeling of warmth and connection. It involves sharing and mutual affection. If it weren’t for love, we wouldn’t understand the value intrinsic to our lives. It is one emotion that is unfathomable. The miracles it causes blaze as the burning sun.

Like the immeasurable depths of the ocean, our hearts are home to deep love. The hollow cavity we house is capable of showering unending love. The imprints of which are impossible to erase. Loving all that is given to us, we become wealthier. It’s the wealth which never depletes but only multiplies further as we trudge along this path.

Ships set out into the unknown, chasing away miles of distance from blocking their paths. One ought to be like those ships, when it comes to taking a leap of faith. When we plunge, we allow love to fill and cover us in its magic. We don’t just become a vessel for love, but a lens that reflects this magic towards all that crosses our path. How we navigate our lives with kindness and good spirits determines our destiny.

Believing in love implies exploring as yet undiscovered realms. Just because we aren’t sure of something, it doesn’t mean that it is of no consequence. It only signifies that we aren’t aware of its existence. There is nothing wrong in visualizing that which we can’t see. This is so because its physical being is insignificant when one can sense its nature.

Love requires faith and vice versa. Belief is fundamental to human existence. It tides over crises in order to carry us to safe shores. The power of belief lies in love. This is something that can push us closer to fulfilling our destinies. Fate isn’t something that holds you back, but liberates you.

Often we blame everything else but ourselves for the setbacks we suffer. This is a result of lacking a loving attitude. A temperament massaged by love is akin to waters which rest a bird. Here the bird stands for our souls. And this is how we should conduct ourselves. It takes practice to get somewhere. The same is true for holding love in our hearts.


I am a stalk that blossoms as a flower at my tip; the bud I hold opens into a reawakened morning, as I leave everything to the universe.

There comes something good when you allow your heart to lay out its concerns in the open. It eases your brain, which can now function with clarity. But it requires us to take a step back and watch while your body works to make our life comfortable. However, we always have this fear about how things will turn out. How do we deal with it?

Firstly, we need to annihilate doubt from our minds. Doubt is corrosive. It causes damage to our systems and takes a huge toll on our wellbeing. Negating fear which is stirred by the presence of doubt, we can go ahead in life with some peace of mind.

We ought to learn how to fill ourselves with courage while filtering out fear. Like the waves that swallow sand and anything else in their grasp, a fearless attitude will burn the cobwebs of confusion from our thoughts. This is an affirmation I need to inscribe in my soul.

Secondly, we must trust that all things bring us some good. So, worrying is not a choice we can make. It’s junk that has been discarded by us for good. We must begin to believe that everything will work out just fine. Such a mindset makes us more effective and feeling fulfilled.

Lastly, we need to visualize the results of being courageous and believing in positive outcomes. By telling ourselves we are there, we become what we wish to be, earlier than otherwise. This is because our desire manifests itself as our present state and it soon turns into reality. By the way, isn’t this how the year goes? As a cycle of seasons which always precede their actual beginning and ending.

All change arrives with warning and leaves the same way. It is for us to observe the signs that indicate what is to happen. It is hope that enlivens life itself. That’s how we make it through to the end of the river of life. Later, we merge with cosmic ether. And while we’re still alive, we are but vessels for cosmic energy to crystallize.


Ignited in path mine; the empty road is an urge for braveness on my part. Being my own blaze, I shall take over the world; and give myself the life I deserve.

I need to be in charge such that I can easily discard unwanted elements from my life. This would be a huge leap forward in setting up my life as per my wishes. There lies so much comfort and security in that way of life. It is up to you and I to make such an outcome come true. It really contributes to the rosiness everyone craves in their hearts.

Everyone aspires to be the best at what they do. Everyone enjoys sharing in greatness. But one thing that is lost in the rigmarole surrounding the celebration of success is the real meaning of achievement. Great deeds don’t mean deeds that are great, but rather deeds that take great effort to bear fruit.

When people say it’s the thought that counts, what it truly signifies is the notion of how seeds and roots are the real fiber of strong and sturdy trees. There is nothing more than the pursuit of a goal, which brings us the big prize. The foundation and its extensions frame the structure the end product encompasses.

We attempt to discover happiness in order to milk something fruitful from life. Nevertheless, to be honest, rather than being found, happiness is to be cultivated. The direction of our pursuit should be from the inside to outside. And slowly the channel could become two-way. But before we reach the phase of peace, a lot of work needs to be put into honing ourselves.

We’re often split when it comes to opting between instant relief and long-term peace. It is a struggle to overturn one’s pain and bear with harsh conditions when it appears as if the cure is at one’s fingertips. However, we need to understand the distinction between reality and illusion, despite the look and feel of the scene.

To have my memories of everlasting joy engraved in my mind till the end, I need to let go of the moments of sorrow and grief. The latter hamper your ability to look forward to better things. They gnaw at our hearts and eat away hope. In order to rekindle my spark, I need to shine brighter than the darkness preceding my light.

We need to step out in confidence and be receptive to experiences which await our arrival. Our arrival comes true only if we’re ready to face fate without a sliver of apprehension.


The language of the setting in a frame of beauty, lies in the green and clear composition of the play of light and sound. When it might touch your soul is up to destiny, because twilight is a routine occurrence. And in that phenomenal process are hidden treasures that wash over our spirits pure.

Pain is defaced by joy that arises from contentment. Finding such solace rooted within myself is a blessing. How I could achieve that state is a question which elicits varied responses from different sources. Each individual has to get to that point in their own special way.

Remaining grounded like a hill, and standing tall like a mountain, is what self-satisfaction entails. And it is usually in solitude one discovers the key to unlocking that deep reservoir of strength and happiness. Being fulfilled is a phenomenon of cosmic proportions. It is supported by nature as part of the cosmic plan towards leading me forward into the unknown facets of life.

There are silent waves emanating from the outline of the hills against the dimly lit skies. They race all around, and are absorbed wholly by our spirits unconsciously. Their noiseless existence echoes unabashedly in the world overwhelmed due to tumbling and dashing through time.

Why the mounds of earth stay to protect us from the webs we weave ourselves into, and free us from our burdens is out of compassion. There are miracles lying the echoes of the footfall of the receding waves. These are antidotes to dilemmas which torment me.

The cosmos takes care of me. It nurtures me by covering me in the green shade of the hills, with light flowing into me through the chinks in the umbrella of trees. The tempered brightness of the time freezes your mind in the moment. It is during those periods I learn to scrutinize each second closely. This may be considered as practicing mindfulness.

Being present, awake and active in the vicissitudes of the universe, gives me the opportunity to sink into freshness. This freshness causes one’s rebirth after every fall. It ruins the pall of negativity and ignites cheer in the midst of a storm. Then, one shall be rejuvenated in the spirit of calmness.

Anything new can be found in places we overlook. The lesson is to turn again to the parts I overlooked in my hurry and worrisome manner of searching for answers. Answers aren’t to be hunted, but thought of imaginatively. All things shall come to me, if only I let myself loose.

Unwinding in hopes of resetting is the only way I can truly appreciate the worth of any priceless gift from the universe.


Blossoming amidst the heart of nothingness; flowers sprinkle hope and wonder in an otherwise cold place. Their vibrant color pierces the cloak of dullness and spreads joy across realms.

What is the elation that buds in my heart when I see miracles flower in the world? Sometimes, I feel as if life itself were a miracle. Also, wishful thinking is what makes impossible outcomes achievable. Don’t you think it’s the concentration of our mental energies on a certain goal which realizes the said priority? In that case, shouldn’t positive attitude dispel despair in moments we are down in the dumps?

Seeking beauty in that which is given to us is the surest path to success. Praying for success can only lead us so far as we are prone to believe. In the end, nothing counts more than faith when our fate is concerned. Molding one’s fate is possible only if one allows belief to fill in the cracks.

Our wishes come true due to the power of our dreams. The stronger the desire to see one’s dreams become concrete, the more solid those goals shall be. The birth of desire is the beginning of fulfillment. In order to douse my hunger for satisfaction in life, I need to work religiously towards the distant isle of my fantasies. Then, I could anchor that tract of land on the ground of reality.

Although, quite frequently we lose our way and are overwhelmed by confusion and make everything utterly chaotic. For one to put that episode behind and move ahead, one must ingrain in themselves the truth that peace lies within. I, for instance, need to constantly remind myself that my surroundings are reflective of the state of my mind.

Often, it’s in solitude that one finds the calm essential for one’s wellbeing. True peace is to be attained only when its echoes turn into soulful compositions in my ears. You require a pleasant atmosphere for your heart to beat to a soothing rhythm.

Over the last few days, I had come to an understanding that fretting is useless. So I decided to ditch obsessing over problems in favor of preserving my mental peace. I have come up with the idea of focusing on myself first, before I dive to disentangle any mess glaring at me.

All of this learning is the outcome of spending a few minutes gazing at flowers that are unfazed in their bloom even at night. These little beings never rest but remain a steadfast source of happiness for any onlooker. Flowers are a beacon of contentment and I aspire to be one of them.


Ephemeral am I; ephemeral is my experience. However, eternal is the effect that I cause and am shaken by.

How do I find myself stranded on an island at dusk? What if the setting consumed my soul with its canvas of spray paint? Would I want to leave the place?

I guess I’d like to make it my ocean of calm – the scene. I need to learn to savor the little nuggets of beauty that the sea of life spews on my coast. This should help me to achieve my goal of eternal serenity.

Evanescence turns life effervescent. It is for me to embrace this merry perspective and fill my world with color. By cupping ephemeral waters in my palms, I could release the burden of fear I had been carrying until then, and splash my face with the water I held so dearly. Then, won’t a fountain of delight gush forth out of my soul?

Just because something doesn’t last forever, it doesn’t mean it is worthless. If that were the case, each of us would be rendered insignificant. On the contrary, death makes life all the more invaluable. The end of anything turns it into a piece of art. A memento. We become a beautiful mosaic when we pass. We leave a legacy behind us.

When one thing is over, another begins. If something closes, it opens something else. It allows streaming of time. It creates a kaleidoscope of different moments cherished in our memories. It gets one to witness a potpourri of emotion and a world of change. You get lost within your own transient existence, which lends an aura of importance to your actions.

There comes an hour that determines my relevance for the future. Perhaps, a time when I’m no more. And in that way, I taste immortality. Etched in the crevices of the cosmos are the nameless contributions of infinite souls. The footprints we leave on wet sand turn out to be firm and solid. Besides, they reach far and wide out as the tides carry them away.

The butterfly effect welcomes our passing as foundation for the birth of freshness. I mayn’t realize my worth as I am still caught up in the thought. But the impact is definitely felt strongly out there.

A true gift to my beating heart lies in soaking up the second I am entranced in. The present is the culmination of the past as well as the future cascading live. Blessing my footfall is the nature I’m hugged by in the frame that my life will set in.


The image of cloud as thunder, although of no harm and a color out of fantasy land; the moment paused in its complete rapture, rains rays of the penultimate sun ride.

Isn’t a pleasant evening amiable? Cool and refreshing? I feel it’s a nameless song that washes over me with a brilliant display of lively color and soft lighting. Such a climate brings the temperature of life down to a comforting range. It is the ritual which eases me into the serenity of night. It makes the transition of dusk meaningful by readying me to absorb the latter melodrama.

The peak of the evening is brazenly lit. It stands for miracles and sets off as a reminder for new beginnings and small joys in life. It buzzes quietly with bursts of energy forming spectacles every other moment. I find the hour as time for engaging productively in leisure. The lesson here is to learn to cherish each and every episode in our lives.

The turning of time freezes during the strait of rose gold strands of clouds knitting away a scarf across the sky. This indicates that the moment is meant for reflection in the mirror of the skies and the receding sun. The period of reckoning remains open for the daylight to decide its course.

When straits of cloud come across as electric, it signifies that my contemplative state I drifted into, is self-reflexive. It is a house of mirrors built in my mind. And my self has been projected across the horizon for final judgment today. That allows me to discover solitary peace in in the darkness of the night. In conclusion, I dream away in a realm unknown to me, while the emptiness hovering in the air guards the vessel that I consist of.

All of this merely shows that my life is a reel which involves my catching one train after another. The platforms I land on are the revelatory moments I’ll cherish at sundown. The picture of the amply alight sky teaches me that my itinerary is flexible and not preordained. My destiny, like everybody else’s, is magical and fluid as my hopes and dreams dare to ignite it.

I can ordain how my life charts itself out. I can shape it as my heart pleases and raise its foundations to come alive. This is what I feel it means to be destined for something. There’s no lid on our potential nor our successes. There is only a jar lacking definite form.

The show that plays out before the curtains are brought to fall on any act in our respective rides, is one of wondrous lessons. Its nature may be discreet yet impactful to the unassuming. But once been inside its veil, the secret floods you. Which turns into the strait your soul bathes in.

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