A shower cleanses the earth and leads to rebirth of our surroundings. It is intermittent rejuvenation for all of us. The cosmic energy that flows throughout the world re-emerges with rain.

How do I pour out all of my worry and become free of stress? How can I throw away restraint to the winds and enjoy the ‘present’ given to me? When does my burden diminish? This happens when it pours away.

Pouring away as rain does, I liberate myself from a restricting position. My bonds disintegrate, my chains are demolished and my shackles are gone. I’m a free bird now. What I do with the freedom I’ve earned is my business now. After all, I am the master of my destiny.

Destiny is the direction and I, the compass. I’m the bird that emerges from ashes rekindled. I get to set off into the distance as I please and turn whatever I touch into something useful for my journey. Going in search of my destined spot, I travel by navigating the winds and waves on my own. I’ll pour away all of my energy to achieve my dreams.

When it pours, nature loses itself in metamorphosis. That is what happens when you’re drenched in determination. You dance away into adventures, pursuing your calling. Everyone has their own wars to win. They try their best to subdue their enemies. Sometimes you lose, but you’re never ‘defeated’. You only learn as you grow on the battlefield.

Rain teaches us one thing. That it is never past our time to try out anything that interests us. We never get too old for our wishes. We’re always right by our time. There is synchronicity in what occurs in our lives. All it takes is a jump. One must jump at the opportunity of fulfilling their desires, heedless of caution. Isn’t it then that you’ll have overcome the biggest of your enemies – apprehension?


Light streams down to the woods, slashing away obstacles in its way.

Knowledge annihilates all uncertainty and doubt. It floods us with realization and transforms the relationship we have with our circumstances. It demolishes the obstacles we have to face in the journey we undertake toward our goals.

Light is an emblem of knowledge. It lets us see. It makes us warm and glowing. It drives out ignorance and replaces it with realization. We realize the truth of our lives deeply when we allow brightness to color our perspectives. It leads to a happy and peaceful approach to tackling issues. The entangled mess we might find ourselves in, from time to time, is dismantled just as light removes darkness.

Light dashes into our lives like a welcome stranger. Its beauty is effusive. It is hard not to like its play. It lies within our reach, but ever so out of our grasp! It shines a spotlight over things we missed previously, and brings them into the limelight.

This helps to give us some perspective as well as new experiences. It tells us how refocusing our attentions could lead to positive outcomes in life. And also, that what we need is right where we are, it’s just that we aren’t looking in the proper place. Frequently, this is how many things tend to be. Around us yet unnoticed.

Besides, light falls into our lives to illuminate our paths. It dresses down the thorns and plays up the roses. It strengthens my spirit with its creamy gleam, and soothes my heart of uneasiness. It is a bountiful gift of nature.

What more could I ask for? I have the guidance I need to move ahead in life, by configuring my energies towards the good and overcoming the bad. I can win the world if I keep up learning from my surroundings. After all, we can only see something when it is alight.


Skipping stones to get where I want, I accept the challenges that life bounces on to me. I grow on the path of learning and arise as a reimagined figure.

Adversity is the bog that sucks us in. It is the testy grounds which try to stop us from progressing on our presumed trajectories. However, adversity isn’t a hindrance, but rather a training camp for us to tackle roadblocks in our paths. It teaches us to be tenacious regarding our desires and unwavering in our hopes. It helps us to become more and more determined towards realizing our respective paths.

Oftentimes, we let a gloomy perception color our approach to life. In such times, adversity jolts us like an electric shock. The shock makes and breaks our opinions about tough times. Tough times, in my view, are those periods in our lives that toughen our spirits as opposed to shattering us. If it takes to break me down before building me up again, then so be it. I should take up adversity on this very challenging task. It could lead to some grueling soul – searching. And it might just strengthen my heart.

By the end of this journey, I may learn so much that a new chapter calls to me to share my experiences and go on a fresh learning curve. It is up to us to decide how we want to live. As birds, we could chase distances across the sky, or as fish, we could close in miles of water. Irrespective of medium, the purpose remains the same – to explore new dimensions. And it is adversity that prepares us for such a ride.

That is so since tumbling over rocks, we learn new things. We become exposed to new experiences, which take part in our trajectories in the long run. Problems are but pebbles, which hold invaluable lessons for us to emulate in life. We ought to skip over stones in our journeys, and push forward toward our goals, without paying any heed to the obstacles trying to impede our growth.

Moreover, adversity teaches us how to handle all these situations. It opens new worlds for me to traverse. I become resilient in dealing with crises and turn into a sturdy character that can withstand trouble. I become a peaceful person for whom adversity changes into a schedule.

One thing everybody must etch in their minds, is that one’s goals in life are surrounded by adversity, just as the summit of this rock is guarded by the stony wall. Going through the barriers constructed by adversity, one ought to trek upon the mound to reach their peak.


Happiness is not to be searched but found. It is not to be coveted but attained. And most importantly, it is not to be lost, but won again and again.

Sometimes, it is nice not to have thoughts sprouting in my mind. It helps to be calm and peaceful. It gives rise to stillness in my heart, and much needed presence of mind. Keeping thoughts from crowding in my mind, I get to enjoy some time off from a busy routine. So I need to pour out all my thoughts and empty my mind for fresh energy to enter me. This is just like emptying a jar of its contents so that I could wash it clean.

Doing nothing, at times, is the most productive thing I could indulge in. By staying still in the state I am, I happen to go to a state of mind wherein I feel content and serene. As if all my problems have dissipated, there is nothing in the world that might bother me, and everything is filled with light. The sensation is a beautiful one. And it is worth every inch of effort I put in to attain such tranquility.

To do anything, first of all, I must be able to keep from the urge of being cumbersome. By keeping everything easy and simple, the processes of action I immerse myself in, become efficient and effective. It gives me a new perspective to face challenges and create productive solutions. After all, everybody needs to be efficient in their lives, in order to clear the clutter of busyness from their habits.

What is the greatest gift of life? It is peace because only when one is full of peace, can one truly experience happiness. To be happy, you need to be contented. And how does one achieve either of those?

I think one way to do this is to be detached from worrisome things. To trash that which is unpleasant. To focus only on the good and ignore the bad. Once we get what we want, we can then proceed towards converting the bad into the good. This requires tremendous willpower on everyone’s part and the ability to work in tandem with each other, which I know is deep inside every individual and that it need only be tapped to be brought out.


The moon peeks from over the hills; shy to make its appearance. It slowly glides above, avoiding all the attention thrown its way. And yet, it doesn’t fail to share light and beauty in the skies.

Once dusk falls away, descends night. Effulgently blazing, the moon rises in the eastern sky. Its splendor draws all eyes. As the moon comes to work, the rest of the world decides to unwind from a long day. Everything starts to slumber in peace. The only sound I hear during the night, is the silent song of the moon.

The time teaches me that darkness isn’t the end of the road. It is but an interlude before the curtains rise at the spectacle of charm and grace, waiting to pounce on us. The sun only sets to hand over the reins to the moon. One thing ends to give rise to another. This is but a change in seasons. After all, variety turns everything interesting. It endues life with adventure. It makes us go wild.

Each new episode comes alive with the snap of our fingers. Besides, life is a montage. It is an ongoing process as if its only purpose were to create very many memories for us. Doesn’t this mean we’re supposed to be all about action? Isn’t action the norm of living? By acting, we create change. We learn newer things by the clock.

When we act, we effect results. These have repercussions which are like ripples in a pond. The moon is one such ripple in the pond of sky. And its effect lies in its magnificent look. It commands my confidence and erases my unease.

I become mesmerized with the dark. Darkness entices me to go deeper into the woods without leaving any markers behind. It tempts me to poke around for trouble so that I can prove to myself that I can tackle any challenge coming my way, with courage and faith in my actions.

What do I, then, learn from this random moment in time? That everything in this world has inherent value. There is worth in each element of the universe. I need only look closely to learn something rich from what is given to me. Wisdom lies in the firmament of the cosmos, as a free flowing river. I wish to become the ocean the river pours into.

Then, curtains rise to make way for a new version of me, that is wiser and more at peace with myself.


Flowering as you do, I want to win the world with laughter. Your merriness spreads all out; mine shall pierce the depths I contain in the sacred shrine I hold. The essence you bloom with is a gift to the universe; the experience is surreal.

Consistency is key to winning at life. If we don’t keep at what we want, how can we be sure of getting it? Showcasing commitment towards my desires, I happen to multiply the chances of fulfilling my wishes. To be committed is to persevere against all odds to get where we want to be. To do this, planning is required. It helps to be regular and devoted to our goals.

It is always worth investing one’s time in activities one is passionate about. The amount of passion one holds, determines their devotion toward their dreams. Dreams are meant to actualize for one who holds their own amidst obstacles that attempt to impede one’s growth. It is up to us to deal with those roadblocks to achieve our dreams.

You never know what comes to you in life. So it is good to be prepared by letting yourself go with the flow. That means you can solve the puzzles set by life as you enjoy the ride. You can do this by embracing the challenges that come face to face with you, on a daily basis. In that way, you learn to take things in your stride.

We need to shun the tendency of worrying over how things will turn out. Instead of wasting our energy fretting, we should devote it to productive things like focusing on the plus points in a sticky situation, thinking up ways to overcome problems, and believing that there is some good in everything. We need to maintain our inner peace while we go about tackling crises in life.

What good could possibly come of brooding? Being cheerful will at least keep us free of stress and give us some relief. It will give us fresh insight into the things bothering us.

Life is all about exploring beauty. It is about beautifying whatever we come in touch with. So, let’s make everything as pleasant as possible, including ourselves. Our overall pleasantness will seep into the depths of our bodies, to give rise to a spring of contentment within us. That way, we will blossom vibrantly.


Quick to dissolve, you may be. I have you frozen in my mind, however. My heart has you engraved, although you move away into oblivion. Thank you for the momentary relief that you blessed me with; it has made me feel eternal in such a short time.

Existence is but fleeting. In that split second which we call as life, I ought to strive towards making the moments that string along, count. The fear of transience is understandable, since there is this perception that what lasts forever is better than that which comes to an end. But I also know that a mirage is always of an oasis, not a pond that is dry.

It is quite likely that I put more effort in my actions now that I understand I’m not here to be. And that I’m only paying a short visit to wherever I am, and everywhere else after this pit stop is obscure. I have now the motivation to make my end worthwhile, by living in the present with as much commitment as I can try to muster. This would only show how much I set store by this gift of life that I’ve received. Also, I am filled with gratitude in the face of my own temporary existence.

Take what you get, and forget what you’ve missed. This is the principle I shall follow from now on. Learn from your experiences and try to build something beautiful. As a memento for yourself. An ode to your life. In this way, you can celebrate your contributions to carving out a lasting imprint of your very transitory being.

The rages of time may ravage everything that had been in the past. However, one mustn’t care for what comes after, when one could simply soak in the highlight of the moment they are part of right now. I shouldn’t be tempted by delusions of grandeur. This is so because what is grand lies before me, and not somewhere I can never reach. Grandeur lies in our thinking, not in trifles we chase.

By dissolving everything in its cloak, time teaches us a valuable lesson. That there is beauty in the experience, not in the trophy we try so hard to win. The trophy is no more than a trinket, but our experience is going to stay with us till the end. Experiences remain in our memories once the episode is long past. They are what that add magic to our short stints here.


The way ahead was never promised to be simple. It has always been full of swamps and slopes, since time immemorial. It is up to me to trek carefully up this winding path, with complete dedication towards the destination where my heart lies.

Anything can happen at any time. We just need to stay open for it to occur to us. We must embrace the accidental moments that hit us, for our own benefit. Just because something is an accident, it doesn’t mean that it is insignificant. We stumble upon gold in our digging expedition almost accidentally. In the same way, if we keep at our goals with persistence, we are sure to hit a jackpot. Probably, a mine is lying right under our feet. All it takes is for us to look up and notice the opportunities waiting at our front door.

Quite so frequently, we miss our chances. We let them slip by. Right past our fingertips. This happens due to fear of failing and lack of confidence. We lose out on otherwise beneficial and fruitful ventures, because we’re scared to dream in apprehension of falling from the place we’re in at the moment. It is perfectly natural to feel uneasy about something we don’t know. But this discomfort should fuel our curiosity to explore hitherto undefined boundaries without any presumptions about how things would turn out, instead of curtailing our freedom to act in a certain direction .

One ought to build up courage to truly taste life. Life can be dull for one who has never failed or got hurt trying to win. When we fall, we win, in the purest sense. We become braver and stronger. We take away something of value from the experience. This is what counts in the end – how much we’ve learnt and grown.

As we traverse the contours of learning, we begin to attain confidence in ourselves. This helps to deal with situations that try to test us. That is when our abilities should come to the fore, instead of shrinking deep inside us. For that to happen, we need to make sure fear doesn’t grip us in trying times. It is in crisis situations does our time to shine arrives. So we need to make full use of it, and showcase our courage and commitment to living the life we desire.

Our lives are ours. We are the makers of our own fate. We are the torchbearers of our dreams. It is up to us to do what is required when time demands of it. It is I alone who can steer myself to my rightful coast. And this I can do by being unfazed in the face of adversity. Also, when required, I could dig into myself for guidance, since the more I search, the more likely I am to unearth gold underneath.


Life goes on, powered on its own spin. The emblem of the sun lies as the macro representation of the suns within all of us, each being of this spacious universe. Not caring for more than their own existence, the elements of nature sing about, immersed in their own melodies…..

The image, a shining example of self-absorption, stands for self-appreciation. It resounds with assurance that everything is contained within the self of the executor. What more could one ask for, but the free will to decide the course of their own destiny?

One of the most precious abilities one could possess is self-appreciation. Appreciation is the gift everyone craves, and the art of giving it to ourselves is but a long cherished prize. It gives us inner peace and contentment. We become happy and fulfilled when we recognize our hard work and efforts, and the time it takes to hone our minds in the direction we try to build our dreams.

Oftentimes, we work ourselves to death in the hopes of getting a gentle pat on our backs. How about we stop expecting it from others? How about we own the moment we stumble, take a break, and do that job for ourselves? Pat ourselves? How about we take control of our lives instead of seeking external validation for our deeds? Won’t it feel liberating?

It could be hard in the beginning, because you had been wired all your life to seek accolades from others, never caring for what you thought of your achievements and assets. Your self-worth depended upon how society measured you from the bottom up. But now, it may feel harshly noiseless and lonely. However, that silence and space gives you power to choose. It yields to you the strength and courage to stand out. To explore your many hidden talents. To awaken the slumbering leader within the many layers stuffed inside you.

You can do more than just waste your life at others’ feet. You can enrich your life by seeking your own approval, and paying no heed to others’ judgment. You can enliven your daily affairs by being your own inspiration. That is when you begin to appreciate yourself truly. And when you learn to command respect from yourself for who you’ve become, you begin to appreciate others too. You bask in love from within and without. Your accolades turn into mutual gifts.

There is harmony everywhere, when you discover it in your soul. Let it lead every thought, feeling and action of yours, and watch blessings precipitate.


Far away in the region where the sky falls into the sea, the sun bestows light onto all that which falls in its sight. The gaze sighs and moves as the waves do, which make a sturdy pedestal for rays to reach my coast.

What it means to never give up is to try fighting till the last. How can I achieve that mindset when I’m cowering in fear of hardships? I can’t. But by adopting a positive approach towards life, I can grow above my fears, like the ships that sail away into twilight, trusting the sun, even though they know it will soon be night.

The sun staring at me from the high perch of its skies is a knob which separates me from the night. Dusk is the door standing between night and day. How do I traverse these worlds? By welcoming the darkness that descends upon me once the knob the sun is, is turned. I need to fall into it, which stands for hope.

It requires that I fall before I can rise up to deal with simmering troubles. This happens only if I maintain faith that the universe is ready to help me fulfil my beliefs. Only when I’m prepared to take a plunge in my quest for attaining courage to face life head on, will I bounce back stronger to annihilate obstacles on my path. I should learn to trust myself more and have faith in my capabilities.

Perhaps, I can’t turn everything into gold. But I will, hopefully, be able to dig for gold. Hope is the sun which powers the day and the moon which charges the night. All of beauty is endued with hope. So in order to create something beautiful, we need to hope for the best to happen. Hope is the torch that lights up the path we trudge on.

Having faith in my capabilities helps me to focus on putting my strengths to good use. It allows me to work with specific goals and achieve what I desire through planning and practice. Usually, our goals tend to be specific although our efforts fall short of the desired mark. Belief in my assets contributes to making my efforts successful in realizing my wishes.

A positive attitude hones my skills to concentrate on a singular objective. This intensifies my desire and efforts in that direction. It gives me clarity in life so that I can make my choices properly. It helps me to keep my mind on important things and off unnecessary and trivial matters that don’t add any value to my life.

Belief is all about infusing fresh lease of life. It is about adding value. So it is essential that we all try believing first. It could lead to infinite possibilities. Additionally, one ought to remember that the sun may come and go daily, however it is never the same on two different days. In the same way, possibilities are ever present, regardless of the hard work it requires to make them bear fruit. Nonetheless, it is one’s zeal that matters to where one could take things.

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